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Sep 20 Welcome Back Party

Welcome back Peace Corps Volunteers who have recently completed their service. Food and drink will be provided. This event is open to all. This event is free to the newly returned and we ask everyone else to help support this event with a $10 donation.  More>>

Third Goal Workshops
Story Jam
Whether it's giving presentations at schools or telling your story at one of our story jams NorCal's workshops help RPCVs fulfill the Third Goal of Peace Corps, promoting understanding between peoples of the world. More>>

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Story Telling Workshop

9/23/14 Tue (6:30 PM - 8:00 PM)
Will's Office
201 Mission, Suite 2750, San Francisco
Contact:Zach Matheson (zmathesonsf[at]gmail[dot]com)

Halloween is almost here and that means two things. First, it's time again for those scary stories around the water cooler, of candy-crazed kids and botched costumes. And second. We're putting on another storytelling workshop! The question is will you be listening to your co-worker's spooky stories this season. Or will they be listening to yours?

Who is a storytelling workshop for?
Anyone who wants to get better at telling stories.

What happens at a storytelling workshop?
Most importantly—free pizza and soda happens! Oh, also, one of our veteran storytellers will walk you through the basics of the art of storytelling. What is the key ingredient of a good story? How do I use it to spice up my stories? What's with all the cooking metaphors!? These questions and more will be answered. Bite-size lessons, lively group discussions and engaging exercises all aim to increase confidence and cultivate your sense of how story works, and how you can work your story. (Maybe even wet your appetite for telling a story on stage!... More on this later.)

I'm interested in attending the workshop. How should I prepare?
Great! First, stop whatever you're doing and RSVP to Zach Matheson (his e-mail is at the top of the page). In honor of this upcoming All Hallow's Eve, the workshop theme is Scary, so come with a frightening experience, an open mind and a sense of humor. That's it. What you don't need? $$$. Like the pizza and drinks this event is free! And if you're having trouble choosing an experience, here's our $0.02—think of an event in your life that (a) struck you (made you say "Whoa.") and that (b) you really want to share with others.

What if I want to tell my story at the next story jam?
Thinking ahead—we like your style. Not to worry, because at the end of the workshop, we'll be signing folks up for the wonderfully stressful opportunity to perform their story live, without notes, at our next jam. If you really just can't wait until then, or to learn more about who's eligible to tell at a jam, check out our October Story Jam event page here.

Finally, If you're one of those rebel types and didn't RSVP when we asked you to before... then we definitely want you to join us—we love rebels!—just pretty please RSVP to Zach Matheson. Now. (He'll sleep a lot easier knowing who's coming to his workshop, I assure you.)

And If you made it all the way down here. Congratulations! You must be hungry. Did we mention pizza and drinks will be provided?