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4/23 New Volunteer Send Off, SF

We need RPCVs volunteers for country of service displays and to be on hand to talk to nominees and applicants about countries, assignments. Details>>

5/3 Third Goal Film Series, Oakland

Local returned Peace Corps Volunteer film makers take you on an inside look into the countries and people they served. Details>>

Palo Alto Story Jam Recap

Last Update: 12/15/2013 5:06 PM

In November and December our Story Jam series hit the road traveling to the South Bay for our 4th Story Jam this year. Riding the momentum from our recent jams in Oakland and San Francisco, four jammers, Waikwong Kan, Cynthia Wambsgans, Lucas Olsen and Rustin Crandall, started developing their stories at our November 7th Story telling workshop, gave their stories a test run at our November 21st practice slam and finally performed them live at our December 5th Story Jam in Palo Alto along with wild card jammer, Jeb Eddy.

Here’s our line up from Dec 5th with links to audio of their stories. Unfortunately Cynthia’s story involved a significant number of hand gestures essential to the punch line so you’ll have to take our word for it – she was awesome. Click links below to listen to stories.

Pictures, by Wai Kwong Kan (Mali 1994-1996): a series of vignettes of tinkerer constantly inventing to address the needs of his community.

Cheers, by Lucas Olson (Ukraine 2009-2011): in Ukraine no event is too small not to have a celebration and celebrations call for toasts. A skill in which Lucas becomes the toastmaster.

Wishlist, by Rustin Crandall (Guyana 2005-2007): all volunteers get homesick but one volunteer goes to extraordinary efforts to make a little home away from home.

Hey Matt, by Cynthia Wambsgans (Tanzania 2006-2008): Cynthia is forever embarrassed when mixing English, Swahili and her own version of sign language to teach science.

Wildcard story by Jeb Eddy Philippines 1963: wrestles with demons during his service and beyond.

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