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Aug 27th PRESSURE Story Jam, SF
Story Jam
The August SF Story Jam has a great line up of first timers, a few veterans, former volunteers and non volunteer story tellers. The theme is PRESSURE – Stories about pressure situations, peer pressure, pressure to get things done, community pressure.   More>>

Grants Applications Due Aug 31st
South Bay Story Jam
NorCal's Grants Program provides funds for community development projects all around our planet. While there is no minimum-maximum size, most grants average from $500-$2000 depending on the amount requested and funds available. More>>

NorCal Tech and Peace Corps Meetup

Last Update: 2/2/2014 9:33 AM

Nalini Elkins is spearheading an effort focused on creating public discussions on how to build a bridge between technology and the RPCV / PCV communites. Many people are working on developing technology for use in the developing world. I would like to do tech sessions (live presentations at some venue) every 2 months and also serve as a repository of tech info available for the developing world that PCVs and others could have.

Tech sessions would be around 'themes'. That is, low cost Internet, low cost computing, energy scavenging, etc. We can also video the presentations for people to view later. I also want to make sure that if a PCV uses one of these techniques that they have support. That is, if there are questions on how to use the technology, etc, that we can put them together quickly with the people to answer them.

The presentations can also be webcast or live streamed so that people not present could join. Down the road, we may open these presentations up to the community.

We would also like to hear from how RPCVs have used technology to help and what problems they had. We can also keep a repository of this. If we can help to solve some of the problems, then all the better.

There is already support from two different technology groups in the Bay Area for this.

Please call or text Nalini Elkins at (831) 234-4342 or email ( to help with the planning and formation of this group.