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4/23 New Volunteer Send Off, SF

We need RPCVs volunteers for country of service displays and to be on hand to talk to nominees and applicants about countries, assignments. Details>>

5/3 Third Goal Film Series, Oakland

Local returned Peace Corps Volunteer film makers take you on an inside look into the countries and people they served. Details>>

NorCal Current Events Meetup

Last Update: 2/2/2014 9:33 AM

Lie (RPCV The Gambia, '05-08) is setting up a monthly "Current Events By Location Meetup" in San Francisco to start in March. Lie was recognized in 2013 at a ceremony at the White House as a Champion of Change. The goals of the Meetup:

  • Discuss current events for a particular geo-location / region where something is happening in the news,
  • Host a roundtable discussion involving RPCV's who served in that location along with non-RPCVs who are interested in the location, and
  • Discuss potential actions that can be done in California that could "help" with the current events.

The planning meeting will happen this month, February,

contact: to get involved.