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Aug 27th PRESSURE Story Jam, SF
Story Jam
The August SF Story Jam has a great line up of first timers, a few veterans, former volunteers and non volunteer story tellers. The theme is PRESSURE – Stories about pressure situations, peer pressure, pressure to get things done, community pressure.   More>>

Grants Applications Due Aug 31st
South Bay Story Jam
NorCal's Grants Program provides funds for community development projects all around our planet. While there is no minimum-maximum size, most grants average from $500-$2000 depending on the amount requested and funds available. More>>

Third Goal Report February

Last Update: 3/7/2014 1:35 PM

Kiss and Tell Jam

Feb 12, Story Jam
Our second story jam of 2014 was held at the Grand Lake Coffee House Where our story tellers Stephanie Starch, John Hoban, Alan Toth, Alexander Labinov and, Will Spargur shared their stories of Romantic love, family love, awkward love, forbidden love and, unwanted love.   We also had a special surprise when a member of the audience, who was not a Peace Corps Volunteer, won one of wild card slots to share a story.  Our other wild card, Brit Schneider, shared a very moving experience about her amazing host dad, unfortunately our videographer had to change the memory card in has camera so we didn’t get it on film.    Watch Videos | Photos

Coming Story Jams
San Francisco
March 12 Story Telling Workshop
March 26 Practice Slam
April 9 Story Jam

Santa Cruz/Monterey
March 8 Practice Stories (at Jnt NorCal MIIS Peace Corps Club Social)
March 29th MIIS Peace Corps Club Story Jam (Monterey)

South Bay
April 16th Story Telling Workshop
May 14th Story Jam

Feb 25, Third Goal Film Night
Photos on Flickr
NorCal kicked off Peace Corps week with our third goal film night featuring excepts from three films by local Bay Area film makers Alan Toth, Ashley Tindal and Sarah Gerber and a panel discussion by the film makers.

Posh Corps: In Alan Toth’s film he follows the adventures of his fellow South Africa Peace Corps Volunteers.  The film starts out with volunteers happy to find out they have many first world amenities but over time we watch how the volunteers begin to realize that the true challenges of service go far beyond indoor plumbing.   Alan is a composes a compelling narrative that is funny and moving as we see volunteers struggle with failure, adversity and the joys of success as they slowly gain their footing.
Trailer Here->

27 Months: Ashley Tindall is not a Returned Peace Corps volunteer but she has been working on a completely new type of Peace Corps video following three people throughout their entire Peace Corps service from the time they got their invitations to when they return home.  We always hear how Peace Corps is such a life changing experience; this video shows the process as it is happening.  One of the best films about Peace Corps Service.
Trailer Here->

The Way Back to Yarasquin: Sarah Gerber documents the Journey of Mayra Orellana-Powell who married a Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras and now lives in the United States.  Mayra is desire to help her community of Santa Elena, Honduras leads her to start a Coffee Business, Catracha Coffee Company, to import coffee.  Through her business we are treated to a glimpse of the lives of these rural farmers and Mayra’s work to empower them make their own lives better.
Trailer Here->

Thanks to Alan Toth, South Africa 2010-2012 who spent countless hours organizing the event, Socorra Campostano for the pre-event musical entertainment, Zach Matheson our engaging MC, Filmmakers Ashley Tindal and, Sarah Gerber for sharing their films and all the rest of the volunteers who made it such a great night. We had 75 people attend.


Speaker Bureau
Now that school has started speaker requests are flowing in.  In January and February NorCal matched returned volunteers to the following schools and organizations:
Jan 23 The Vistas, Redding
Marilyn Thomas, Kenya Health 2001-2003

Jan 29th Santa Rosa Highschool
Jeff Tweddale, Marshall Islands 1991-1993

Jan 28 UC Berkeley
Lyle Hansen, Mali 2010-2012

Feb 2 Rotary Club Concord
Morgan Roth, Urkaine 2011-2013

Feb 11 UC Berkeley
Gregory Kalkanis, Uganda 2009-2011

Feb 13 Henry Hall Middle School
Joan Lisetor, Dominica 1985-1987

Feb 27 Palo Alto Girl Scout Troop
Julie Mills, St.Vincent 2010-2012