April Third Goal Report

Last Update: 5/14/2014 8:45 AM

4/1 UC Berkeley - Osiah Carbonneau, Romania 2007-10, Mozambique 2010-2012

4/5 SF Main Library Diversity Panel: Joshua Ayedema, Vanuatu 09-11 | Jing Li, Ukraine 10-12 | Michael Geilhufe, Kenya 10-12 | Jonny Styron, China 07-09 | Mona Khalil, Morocco 06-08 | Maria Harris, Mali 11-12.  Co-hosted with local Peace Corps office.

4/8 UC Berkeley - Elyse Greenblatt, Ukraine 11-13

4/9 San Francisco Story Jam.  Our largest story jam to date with over 80 people in attendance including representatives from the Commonwealth Club and KQED’s Kitchen Sisters. Click images to watch videos

John Hoban, Indonesia
The Hospital
Julia Lee, Ukraine
It Never Ends
Justina Wu, Kenya
Finding a Way
Kristiana Dhillon
Kristiana Dhillon, Ghana
Pure, Pure Water
Zach and Jenna, Mali
Jenna, You Beautiful Flower Princess: A Love Story

4/12 Fresno Volunteer Send Off organized and hosted by John Young

4/14 SF State - John Hoban/Jonathan Fujiwara, Indonesia 11-13
Review from Instructor Betsy J Blosser to John Hoban: Thank you so much for your presentation on Indonesia to my Electronic Media and Social Justice (BECA 581) class on Monday, April 14th. It was a fabulous presentation! You really hit on a lot of the things my students wanted to know, both through what you had planned and through your answers to their questions. (See?  I told you they would ask a lot of questions!) I LOVED the PowerPoint presentation with your description of things we needed to know about Indonesia and the description of your Peace Corps assignment.

4/15 UC Berkeley - Melissa Ng, Belize 11-13

Story Telling Workshop

4/17 Story Telling Workshop in Palo Alto

4/17 Mills College, Frank Price, Cote D'ivoire 1969-1972 and Kathleen Mcbride, Tanzania
Review: Thank you Frank!
Students actually came by the office to ask for both your contact information and help in meeting with a recruiter.  I reached out to the SF recruitment office to reconnect and hope to have both recruiters and RPCV's often from now on.  Your presentation provided some thoughtful insight. Would you mind my passing along your e-mail to students interested in an informational interview?,  Inés C. Barbosa, Interim Director of Career Services

4/22 UC Berkeley - Chantal Hildebrand, DR 11-13

4/23 San Francisco Volunteer Send Off event. Co-hosted with local Peace Corps office.  It attracted over 210 applicants, nominees, friends and family of future Peace Corps Volunteers. 

4/29 UC Berkeley - Andrew Schafer, China 11-13

Alanna Crotty, DR 2011-2013. She's been very busy arranging presentations over the last month:  
Spoke at 2 Dining for Women Events Approx. 35 people
Visited her old HS Apr 30 and May 1st doing presentations to 8 periods, Approx 440 students

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