Apr 19 Stranger than Fiction Story Jam

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4/19/16 Tue (7:30 PM - 9:00 PM)
The Mojo Theater
2940 16th St, #217, San Francisco
Contact:Megan McMahon (megan_mcmahon[at]yahoo.com)

Join Beyond Borders storytelling for the Stranger Than Fiction story Jam.

Reality is full of crazy twists, turns with uncertain destinations. Hear stories of crossing cultures and the unexpected discoveries along the way. The saying that truth is often stranger than fiction might be cliche but proves true more often than not.

Doors open at 7:00pm with socializing till 7:30pm when the story jam begins promptly. 


Story Line up
Craig Berger
Stuck in a Togolese rainstorm, Craig meets a farmer and begins a journey of of moonshining, bootlegging, office thievery, and a nod to Vanilla Ice

Tina Martin
Tina Martin looks back (45 years) on "An Important Date in Peace Corps History," which she witnessed first-hand, hand in hand with a fellow volunteer, island hoping around the Pacific-- and all on the government dime.

Cat Cvengros
In "Newton's Cradle," Cat tells of the search for the ultimate spa day, and finds that all the scrubbing reveals what lay in her future instead. 

Scott Sanders
Scott was 17 years old, sitting in the back seat of a NYC taxi cab with Joan Baez, Dennis Hopper and Phil Ochs. With a simple twist of fate Bob Dylan suddenly sprawls across Scott's lap, looks him in the eye, and asks a very personal question.

Justina Wu
In "Fattening Up the Dogs," Justina recounts her brief foray into international diplomacy during a ride in a dump truck with a culturally diverse crew of construction workers.

Dwayne Hunn
Dwayne tells a few slightly strange stories about a big bad bear, a soaring eagle, a simple PC idea – meaning both “Politically Correct" and "Peace Corps-ish” -- and a Fuller Better Investment in a world that wishes it could dance and drink more with Lady Harmony
Doors open at 7:00pm with socializing till 7:30pm when the story jam begins. 


*If you would like to try out to be a storyteller come to one of our FREE practice Storytelling Sessions on March 22 and April 12

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