February, 2014

Feb 25 Peace Corps Week Film Night

Posted: 2/8/2014 6:32 PM
Celebrate Peace Corps Week with Three Films on Peace Corps service, volunteer development projects, and women's empowerment in the developing world by local filmmakers. Admission $5 ... read more

NorCal Current Events Meetup

Posted: 2/2/2014 9:33 AM
Lie (RPCV The Gambia, '05-08) is setting up a monthly "Current Events By Location Meetup" in San Francisco to start in March. Lie was recognized in 2013 at a ceremony at the White House as a Champion ... read more

NorCal Tech and Peace Corps Meetup

Posted: 2/2/2014 9:15 AM
Nalini Elkins is spearheading an effort focused on creating public discussions on how to build a bridge between technology and the RPCV / PCV communites. Many people are working on developing techno ... read more

2014 Board Election Results

Posted: 2/2/2014 9:11 AM
Welcome to our newly elected or reelected Board Members At Large Maria Padilla Castro (Director) Will Spargur (Director) Alan Toth (Director) San Francisco Andrew Wynn (Director) Andrew ... read more

2014 Peace Corps Conference Recap

Posted: 2/1/2014 7:11 PM
Over 250 people attended NorCal’s 2014 Peace Corps Conference to enjoy a day of presentations, workshops and capped by an international dinner and story jam. ... read more

The Marlay Peace Corps Legacy

Posted: 2/1/2014 6:04 PM
By John Hoban It’s not every child who grows up being scolded in Tagalog (a local Philippines language), but then again Daniel Marlay did not grow up in an average American family. He was part of a ... read more

Fishing for a Purpose

Posted: 2/1/2014 5:54 PM
By Athalia Markowitz Matt Young is a second generation Peace Corps Volunteer living and working in rural Zambia in rural aquaculture promotion. His father, John Young (RPCV Papua New Guinea 81-85), w ... read more