Are You Interested in Joining a NorCalPCA Refugee Family Welcome Team?

Thursday February 1, 2024

In the Spring of 2022, NorCalPCA members organized a Welcome Team in partnership with Jewish Family & Community Services East Bay (JFCS) that provided support over a 4-month period to a family from Afghanistan that had arrived in Concord as refugees following the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul in September 2021. JFCS has asked if NorCalPCA would like to form a second volunteer team to support one of the many families that will be arriving from Afghanistan and Central America in the near future.
Before we launch a formal conversation with JFCS, the NorCalPCA Board would like to assess the level of interest that exists among members. For context, below are a few points summarizing NorCalPCA’s efforts in 2022.

If you are interested in participating, or have questions, please send an email by February 8th to [email protected] describing your level of interest and availability. Each person on the team would need to complete a basic background check and an orientation program in order to participate, which can be done online. At this time, we do not know where in the Bay Area the family would resettle but it could be the East or South Bay.

If there appears to be an adequate level of interest, we will schedule a Zoom call with JFCS staff to provide more details and answer questions.
Summary of Volunteer Team work from 2022 for context:
The volunteer group was organized into 2 separate functions: 1) fundraising and 2) working directly with the family. 
  • Family visits (ESL tutoring, one-on-one time to discuss the family’s needs or any issues/concerns, community meetings, cultural celebrations, etc)
  • Helped connect the family with a wide variety of service providers (school staff, rental support, events, workforce development)
  • Provided transportation to medical appointments and scheduled meetings
  • Assisted with job search efforts (resume review, interview practice, etc)
  • Addressed the family’s expressed priority needs (helped to procure a vehicle from the community and get it running safely, register for school, etc)
  • Research and resource searching for local programs that the family might find interesting
  • Fundraising (The team raised over $6,000 in direct family support and general support for JFCS)
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