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Calendar Sales Support NorCalPCA’s Grants

Each year the Madison, WI, RPCV group produces a spectacular calendar. This stunning calendar not only features photos of people in Peace Corps countries, but also many interesting facts about the countries and special events to commemorate every day of the year. Beautiful note cards with Peace Corps and international themes are available, too.

Calendars are $16.00 each plus shipping with the NorCal Discount Code.


$16.00/each + S&H

NorCal PCA Discount Coupon Code: PC4RPCVNCAL
On their website look for COUPON CODE on the shopping page and enter our NorCal code in the box and click ‘Go’ to get discount and provide 50 % sales credit to NorCal PCA Grants.

If you do not enter the COUPON CODE

NorCal will not receive the funds for Grants.

click below to purchase calendar(s) on the Madison RPCV website!

If you have questions, please contact [email protected]

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