Global Presenters Update: We’re All About Keeping on Speaking on!

Friday April 1, 2016

For this month of March, 12 RPCVs shared stories about their Peace Corps experience in a total of 24 presentations. Year to date, 23 RPCVs have given 51 presentations at 17 venues. At this point last year, 21 RPCVs had given 29 presentations at 6 venues. So year over year, we are seeing some fantastic growth in our program!

Highlights this month include RPCV Janet Esponisa speaking to approximately 120 gathered students in the AVID program at Piedmont Hills High School in San Jose on March 16. That same day, RPCV Sam Abbey spoke to five Spanish classes at Aptos High School in Aptos, another total audience of about 150 students. That was quite a day for our speakers program, with more than 250 students learning about other cultures of the world from RPCVs.

Another first for the program was to have Sue and Dave Castle, parents of RPCV Nick Castle who passed away from a gastrointestinal illness while serving in China, speak to prospective RPCVs in the UC Berkeley DeCal class on March 15. Nick had been a UC Berkeley student and had attended DeCal classes himself. It was very meaningful for her tell the students Nick’s story so they could understand risks that can be involved with going into Peace Corps. She talked to them just after returning from Washington, D.C. where she and her husband had meetings with representatives at the National Peace Corps office and members of Congress.

Other RPCVs who spoke in March include Hannah Flanery to the UC Berkeley DeCal class, Will Spargur at Making Waves Academy in Richmond, Berkeley Toastmasters, and at Aptos Middle School in San Francisco, Lydia McCloskey at Fremont High, Jennifer Leahy to a youth leadership committee in Richmond, Sarah Stever to Girl Scouts in San Francisco, Glenn Anaiscourt at San Bruno Senior Center, and Dylan Kehoe at Aptos Middle School in San Francisco.

If you know of a school or organization interested in hosting a global presenter, fill us in by emailing [email protected].

Interested in being a global presenter? Look at theĀ speaking opportunities on our website!


By Betsy Aaron, Global Presenters Outreach Coordinator

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